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It's Never Too Late to Start Over!

Can you imagine declaring bankruptcy at 48, married, and a father? That’s exactly what happened to Lorne Davidson. He thought his life was over, done, finished. Twenty years later Lorne is a successful businessman holding the title of Master Instructor in taekwondo. What happened during those twenty years is the story.

You will read that Lorne was not a person who’d achieved success early in his life. He achieved his success long after anyone thought success was possible. His success didn’t come until he was in his sixties after starting his first business at age fifty five. It’s an inspiring journey, taking it with him you will learn that:

  • With an open mind and the right attitude,that we are never too old to achieve anything we set our minds to, age is just a number
  • It’s not how we start, it’s how we finish
  • It’s the people we surround ourselves with that facilitates our successes or failures
  • We are always following a discipline it’s just that most of us don’t recognize the discipline we are following
  • An important thing in life to strive for is “quality of life”
  • The trajectory our actions take us on are far more important to understand than the results we seek
  • Success comes when we are prepared to learn from and be accountable for our mistakes and failures
  • Our lives are ours and ours alone to make of what we wish, age is no excuse
  • Some goals take many years to accomplish and we must be prepared to exercise disciplined effort combined with patience
  • That there are always second chances available

After successfully testing for his sixth-degree black belt, achieving a goal he set for himself in 1997, Lorne Davidson reflects on the changes taekwondo has brought to his life. Mastership is a story of dedication, hard work, and hope. It’s a reminder that there truly are second chances in life, no matter what our age or situation.

Mastership - The Journey From Bankruptcy To A New Life

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