IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE Greetings to the blogging world, please allow me to introduce myself… My name is Lorne Davidson; I am a 75 year old father of three and a grandfather to 4 (soon to be 5) grandchildren. I’m a Master Instructor in the art of Songahm Taekwondo, a successful businessman and co-owner of …

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Invisible Life

PEAK PERFORMANCE AGING! IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE Invisible Life Over the span of our lives, each of us will thoughtlessly spend countless hours and dollars watching, admiring, and marvelling at other people’s accomplishments and capabilities. While we are doing that, we are ignoring, dismissing or downplaying our own capabilities, not realizing that what we see …

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What A Ride!

IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE What A Ride! Week 8, the final module.  What a ride!  It’s been intense, challenging, and educational and as with all my learning experiences, there are gems and nuggets to carry forward. (If you haven’t read the rest of this series, start here – Zero To Dangerous series, Week 1)  This week we …

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Mindset and Strengths

IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE Mindset and Strengths This week our focus is on “Mindset and Strengths.” With Week 7 we are in the home stretch, this week and next week will put a bow on the ZTD course. It has been an intense period of study with each week building on the previous one. Over …

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IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE A Little Leverage Goes A Long Way Leverage is a focus that, to be honest, I have struggled with completing. The problem I have is understanding how and/or where I can create greater output with less input. Put another way is how do I leverage the time I have in a …

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Six Levels of Grit

IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE six levels of grit In my last post I defined/describe how I interpreted the six levels of grit. In today’s writing I will use my personal experience from over twenty five years ago when I declared bankruptcy. The experience was that of being “burned out.” I don’t have to go far …

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Deep Into The Weeds!

IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE Deep Into The Weeds! Week three and we’re starting to get deep into the weeds. This week’s lesson is deals with “Grit” which by dictionary definition is defined as “courage and resolve, strength of character.” In the FRC (Flow Research Collective) parlance is broken into six unique categories: perseverance, thought control, …

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My Journey – Week 2

IMPACT. INSPIRE. SUPPORT. SERVE Greetings from week two of my journey through the course “Zero to Dangerous” This week our focus was on becoming a “Time Jedi.” In my short time of being a student one of the most interesting pieces of scientific information that I’ve learned about this term “Flow” is that struggle and …

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