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Greetings to the blogging world, please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Lorne Davidson; I am a 75 year old father of three and a grandfather to 4 (soon to be 5) grandchildren.

I’m a Master Instructor in the art of Songahm Taekwondo, a successful businessman and co-owner of a gym and martial arts academy. I am also an award winning author, having written and self-published my book “Mastership – the Journey from Bankruptcy to a New Life.”  

My life is rather unique in that I was able to accomplish all of these things, other than the children…lol,  after I declared bankruptcy in 1996 at age 48.

As a way of introduction to this world of blogging I wanted to share with you my journey through a new eight week course/program/journey that I started in May of this year called “Zero to Dangerous” which focuses on peak performance aging, something that I understand a little bit about.

Since declaring bankruptcy in Feb of 1996 I have had to literally re-envision every aspect of my life, from my attitude, to health and fitness, career, diet etc.

In 1996,  I had to rebuild my life from the ground up if I had any chance to save myself and my family. To be able to accomplish this I had to accept that I didn’t know what I thought I knew, while at the same time holding myself accountable for what I’d done. In my fifties, the only hope I had of achieving anything in my life was to be open to learning how to live in a totally different way, completely outside of my comfort zone.

That learning would start in Aug of 1996 when I started training in Songahm Taekwondo something I had to literally be dragged to kicking (no pun intended) and screaming.

At that time I was adverse to anything that had to do with the martial arts. It felt like I would be adding gasoline to already raging fire of anger and frustration – not a pretty picture.

Yet, from that fateful day until now I have travelled a road full of challenges and failures but with more successes and accomplishment than I could have ever imagined.  All of this came from my insatiable desire to learn and improve which was to begin as I started to re-imagine my life, which brings me to the course “Zero to Dangerous.”

Over the next eight weeks I will share my journey with you from as many angles as I can articulate. The purpose of the course for me is to create an individual Massively Transformational Purpose for the remaining years of my life. Ten years ago I defined a purpose for the academy, which was, “to create a positive life altering option for our students, families and community.” For the last few years after experiencing a heart attack (2019) and a stroke (2022) I have sought clarity for myself as to what was my purpose is for being on this earth. By enrolling in this course my goal is to create a clearer, more concise picture of the purpose for the years I have left, not only for my life but for my business as well.

Thursday was my first class; there were students from around the world of all age ranges and ethnic backgrounds: Canada, the US, Norway, Belgium, the UK, India and South Africa. After introductions we moved right into the course material defining our present internal world of: emotions, relating and beliefs.

I’ll be honest here, for the past twenty years I have felt like an outlier. I didn’t have a lot of company or resources other than book and some coaches to draw from as I struggled to recreate my life. Consequently I have found myself not being comfortable in a group setting of any kind, whether that is online or in person.

So as with many things I’ve had to do over these last two decades I made a commitment to push myself to be one of the first to speak up and engage instead of standing on the sidelines, even taking the lead in a breakout session during today’s ninety minute session.

The second stage of the session had us imagining how we wanted to see our external world:  environment, purpose and accomplishment. In the third section we did a pre-mortem exercise identifying the things that have previously blocked us, how we self sabotage, and where we create resistance.

Once we had created the picture of our internal and external worlds along with the pre-mortem we set some “High Hard” goals, then our annual and quarterly goals.

Now you may wonder what in God’s name a 75 year old man is doing in a group like this. I was definitely the oldest student in our pod by a decade or two. The truth is I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. To accomplish what I have over these past twenty plus years, my efforts and focus were on personal growth and development.  The west is all about youth, consumerism and wealth generation so someone like me is simply invisible. Finding a group of like minded people who are looking to define a “Minimally Viable-Massively Transformative Purpose” MV-MTP is like oxygen for me.

To wrap up this post I will share part of my MV-MTP which is “to use my experience and knowledge to become an influencer regarding the potential capabilities we possess as we age using various modalities – teaching martial arts, speaking, coaching and through online courses. Age is just a number and with the proper attitude, the right mindset and passion we can accomplish more than we ever thought possible.

You can find out more about me at https://www.lornedavidson.com .

See you again soon

Mastership - The Journey From Bankruptcy To A New Life

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Living Life On & With Purpose!

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