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Mentor VS Coach

Mentor – is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and or experience to help another develop and grow. Mentoring is non-evaluative, providing insights into for example personal development. Mentorship is more about guidance and advice given to aid growth and development. Mentoring is softer and more relationship focused guidance. A mentor is an experienced and trust advisor.

·       Long term relationship

·       Development driven

·       Informal

·       Seniority & expertise

·       Agenda is set by mentee/mentor supports

·       Generally mentee asks the question

When to Use a Mentor

·       Want to focused on career/life development

·       An inspired individual who want to see what’s possible in their careers/life

·       To enhance leadership development

·       Knowledge transfer from senior to junior

Coach – someone who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential. Coaching is based on measuring  performance change. It’s asking powerful, provoking questions to enable the person to come up with their own solution. Coaching is performance oriented. A coach focuses on the perfect fit for the current role.

·       Short term relationship

·       Performance driven

·       More structured

·       Hired for their expertise

·       Agenda co-created

·       Coach asks thought provoking questions

·       Results are specific and measurable

When to Use a Coach

·       To develop raw talent with a new skill

·       Enhance experienced professional with new or refreshed skill

·       Help those who are not meeting expectations or goals

·       Prepare an individual or professional for advancement

·       Improve talent/skill in a short period of time

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