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Peak Performance Aging is “The science behind learning how to get our biology to work for us, not against us.” – Steven Kotler

Since declaring bankruptcy in 1996 at 48 yrs old, I literally and figuratively recreated my life. For the past 25+, I have been living Peak Performance Aging

In the spring of 2023 I read one of Steven Kotler’s books entitled “GNAR Country,” where I first came across the phrase “peak performance aging.” It was too start me on the journey I continue on today. I began reading many of his books; studying and leaning into the science behind the phrase as I came to realize that “peak performance aging” was something I’d been living since the mid 1990’s. I just simply didn’t know it which sparked my curiosity and I needed to know more!
In 1996 at 48, I was married with children and bankrupt. I literally and figuratively had to start over again. Over the ensuing twenty five years since then I’ve often wondered where the energy and passion came from that allowed me to achieve the things I have. 

Reading his books gave me an insight which has helped me clarify the question. You see we have the ability and capacity to create and live a quality of life far superior to and for much longer than we’ve been led to believe. Something I can attest to, I’m living it every day and would like to share with you, if you are ready?
Yes, I am here to tell you that we can achieve more and do more well into our seventies and eighties than we could have ever imagined or conceived of. At 76 I am filled with as much if not more energy and passion than I have ever had. Reading further you’ll learn that I’ve overcome and accomplished more in the past two plus decades than I ever did during my first five. 

 A period of time where the general consensus said my life should have been in decline and coming to an end when in reality it was just about to begin.
From 1996 until present day I have experienced and achieved more than I could have ever thought possible which is why I ask again:  Are You Ready To Live Your Best?  Are you in need of some motivation and inspiration” to kick start your life? If you’re at all curious about or answered YES to this question then I know I have something to offer YOU so please scroll and read on.

Do You Need: Inspiration, Help, Support, Encouragement?

One day a very learned man visited a Zen Master to learn about Zen. As the Zen Master began to speak the learned man would continually interrupt him with comments such as, oh yes we have that too and so on. Finally the Zen Master stopped speaking and suggested they enjoy some tea.  As the master began pouring tea for his guest, filling the cup until the cup overflowed. 

Yet the master continued to pour until the tea began flowing onto the floor. Finally the learned man cried “Stop, stop! Can’t you see the cup is already full? Oh yes I see said the master and you, like the cup are so full that you are unable to learn anything new. You cannot taste my tea until you are prepared to empty your cup first

If you are prepared to empty your cup and taste my tea, please click one of the links below.

Be inspired with the knowledge and confidence that we have the potential to create positive changes in our lives at any age!

Learn To Live On Purpose!

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How did a 48 year old bankrupt musician father of three save his family and become a successful businessman and 6th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in Songahm Taekwondo at the age of 70? 

The Best Is Ahead

Transition into a growth mindset, focusing on personal development and learning that’s founded on health and wellness.

“It’s What We Learn After We Know It All That Counts” – John Wooden

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